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Nukulaelae mapNukulaelae is a true coral atoll, located 110 km to the south-east of Funafuti. The kidney-shaped island consists of 19 islets (or motu, in Tuvaluan), surrounding a lagoon that about 10 kilometres x 4 kilometres wide. The lagoon is completely surrounded by reef, without any passages to the sea.

Total land area is about 2 sq. kilometres. Most islets are bordered with sandy beaches on the lagoon side.

Nukulaelae is home to 393 people, according to the 2002 census. The chief villages of Pepesala and Nukualofa are located on Fagaua (formerly spelled Fangaua), on the eastern side of the atoll.

Tumiloto, on the north-east side, is home to the Elekana Memorial, with is a shrine commemorating the first arrival of Christianity to Tuvalu. It was introduced by a castaway from the Cook Islands named Elekana, in 1861. The memorial is located at the southern tip of the islet at a place called Olataga.

There are ruins of an old village on Niuko, towards the southern end of the atoll. There is a large stone called Te Faleatua, where pre-Christianity religious rites were practised.

  The motus of Nukulaelae:  
Elekana Memorial
  • Aula
  • Asia
  • Fagaua
  • Fenualago
  • Fetuatasi
  • Kalilaia
  • Kavatu
  • Motukatuli
  • Motukatuli Foliki
  • Motualama
  • Motutala
  • Muliteatua
  • Niuoko
  • Tapuaelani
  • Teafatule
  • Teafuafatu
  • Temotuloto
  • Temotutafa
  • Tumiloto
Elekana Memorial, Olataga

Asia motu
Asia motu, from Motutala. Photo (c) Paeniu Family


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