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Tuvalu Online will link to any internet web site that has relevance to Tuvalu or the South Pacific. If you feel that your site should be listed on this page, please e-mail your URL and a brief description of the contents to brian@tuvaluislands.com.

Polynesian Links

Tuvalu - Contemporary Images

Tuvalu website by Jane Resture, a Tuvaluan descended from Alfred Restieaux, a 19th century trader on Nukufetau. Full of interesting historical information, including details of Restieaux's life.

Jane's Oceania Home Page

Plenty more links and information about Tuvalu and other Pacific Islands.

Tuvalu on Wikipedia

Free online encyclopedia

Tuvalu Overview

Japanese website bringing attention to global warming. The site is almost exclusively in Japanese, however there is a beautiful collection of photographs by Shuuichi Endou.

Terry Dahl - Norwegian Yachtsman and Climate Refugee

The homepage of the Norwegian adventurer and climate-refugee Terje, and his voyage to Tuvalu, mainly the island of Nukulaelae.

Tuvalu Online Delphi Forum

Visitors can post messages on a bulletin board.

Destination Tuvalu

Lonely Planet is one the world's most successful independent travel information company. Extensive information on Tuvalu.

Te Vaka - Tokelau/Tuvalu Music Group

Original, contemporary Pacific music. The music of Te Vaka is written by Opetaia Foa'i and is traditionally influenced - tribal, powerful and rootsy yet melodic, warm, earthy and atmospheric. The website covers complete information about the band and the music, along with Real Audio samples.

CIA The World Factbook - Tuvalu


Taro Page

Recipes with Taro, a staple of the Tuvaluan diet.

Impressions of Tuvalu

Where is Tuvalu? A nice locator which pinpoints Tuvalu from the outer reaches of the galaxy.

MapsSouthPacific.com - Tuvalu

Tuvalu Travel Photos

Photos of Tuvalu by David Stanley, author of Moon Handbooks South Pacific.

Pacific Islands Links

Polynesian Pathways

Peter Marsh researches the origins of the Polynesians, and produces evidence that they may have ancestral links to North America, including Canada's Queen Charlotte Islands.

Takuu (Mortlock Islands) Website

The Takuu Islands (Mortlock Islands) are a group of small islands on a single atoll, north east of Bougainville in Papua New Guinea. The inhabitants are Polynesians, unlike the majority of the other inhabitants of Papua New Guinea. They speak a dialect very similar to Tuvaluan.

The CocoNet Wireless

News and information from around the Pacific, mainly extracted from various Pacific Islands publications. A great name for a Pacific website! By Suzanna Layton. Updated frequently.

The Mundo Étnico Foundation

The Mundo Étnico Foundation is a Dutch non profit organization studying and promoting traditional, contemporary and developing Pacific cultures by means of book and CD publications, workshops, seminars and educational programmes at primary schools. All programmes and publications are the result of field work research trips to the islands by Ad and Lucia Linkels, which altogether lasted about five years. Many fine Pacific music CD's for sale.

Pacific Islands Report

The best website for up-to-date news of all the islands of the South Pacific. Operated by the Center for Pacific Islands Studies at the University of Hawai‘i.

Pacific Islands Report - Links

The Most complete listing of Pacific Islands websites.

Polynesian Cafe

Speak English, Samoan, Tuvaluan or any Polynesian dialect? Be sure to visit this site to make contacts with all cultures from the Pacific. Plenty of interesting information and stories. Post your Pacific messages here.

The Small Island Developing States Network

Established in 1994, this organization, of which Tuvalu is a member, deals with concerns such as global warming, economic development, etc.

University of the South Pacific, GIS Unit  (Fiji)

Plenty of Geographical and demographic information about all Pacific islands, including Tuvalu. An online atlas of the region and individual countries is also available.

Flags of the world (FTOW)

Outstanding website by Pascal Gross. He has produced animated flags for every country, in the world, including Tuvalu and the other Pacific Islands. He has supplied the flags for Tuvalu Online.

Michael R. Ogden's Pacific Island Resources

Many links to Pacific Island sites. Michael Is an expert on the Pacific area, out of Hawaii.

National Library of Australia - Pacific Islands

Many great links, from the Pacific to the Pacific.