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This page consists of links to special features, magazine articles, videos and other media directly related to Tuvalu. The original date of publication is listed when known. These links are to outside websites or features exclusive to TuvaluIslands.com.

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Tuvalu: Climate Change SOS
A special feature on Tuvalu by Adelaidenow and Perthnow News Corporation. This multimedia feature includes many photographs, interviews with Tuvaluans and answers to everyday questions regarding the subject of Tuvalu and global warming, and how we can help.
October 4, 2008

Through His Eyes: In memory of Lomi Paeniu - A Photograph Exhibition

Tuvaluan Genealogy Online
Tuvalu Genealogy website which contains, in part, the history of the Tuvaluan lineage dating back to the early kings including the ancestors and descendants of Jack O'Brien. Assistance and involvement from the Tuvaluan Online Community is requested in order to make this website grow for the benefit of future generations. Tuvaluans are invited to submit their lineage.

Web TV from Dot TV
Australian Dr. Mark Hayes visits Funafuti, Tuvalu to witness the extreme tides of late February 2006. This lead to the world's first Live Web Broadcast from the Real .TV and Funafuti Atoll, Tuvalu, took place on Monday afternoon, February 27, 2006.

This is the complete story of how it happened, exclusive to Tuvaluislands.com

Related stories by Dr. Hayes:

High Tides And Hype
Global Warming? Life Goes On In Tuvalu
2004-May Edition, Pacific Magazine

Includes photographs by Jocelyn Carlin.

Life and Faith on the Edge in Tuvalu
2006-May-10, Journey Online, Queensland Uniting Church

Dr. Mark Hayes writes about how the Christian country of Tuvalu lives with the constant threat of extreme tides and global warming.

Testing time for tiny Tuvalu
Cricket (Kilikiti) in Tuvalu
By Nick Squires, BBC News
It's cricket, but not as we know it. For a start the bat is long and shaped like a war club...

Where the Hell is Tuvalu?
How I Became The Law Man Of The World's Fourth Smallest Country
by Ells, Philip
2006-March-22. Philip Ells worked in Tuvalu as The People's Lawyer for several years. Now, back in the UK, he's written a book about his experiences, called "Where The Hell Is Tuvalu?". On ABC's On the Mat, the author discusses the book with Sean Dorney.

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Tragedy and Trauma in Tuvalu

At about 11 p.m. on Thursday 8th March 2000 a fire broke out in one of the dormitories for girls at the mixed-sex Motufoua Secondary School on the island of Vaitupu in Tuvalu. The conflagration spread rapidly and caused the Matron and 18 of the residents to be burned to death. Its traumatic effects on the total Tuvalu population of about 10,000 was widespread, and said to be in proportion to the immediate loss of either 8,000 New Zealanders or 25,000 Australians in any one calamity in their respective countries. The response of the Tuvalu Government was to establish a Commission of Inquiry into the causes of the fire, and to seek the help of a trauma consultant from New Zealand in dealing with the human aspects of the aftermath.