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This page consists of links to Tuvaluan websites, Government and agency websites, official websites, local websites, NGO organisations, etc.

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Local news of Tuvalu provided by the Tuvalu Media Corporation, sponsored by Japanese-based NGO Tuvalu-Overview.

Tuvalu ISP website:
Tuvalu.tv is the sole provider of Internet access in Tuvalu.
The ISP is run and manage by the ICT (Information and Communications Technology) Department of the Government of Tuvalu. There is an image gallery with many photographs of Tuvalu.

Tuvalu Map Server
Interactive maps and GIS (Geographic Information System) data for all the islands of Tuvalu.


This website is for all Nanumeans, Ga Tama a Tefolaha -- those whose home, or spiritual homeland, is Namea, Nameana, Seilona, Lakena, Hahake......te fenua a Pai mo Vau, ko Nanumea.

Alofa Tuvalu

French-based volunteer organization whose goal is to help save Tuvalu from climate change and other environmental issues, with full participation of the Tuvaluans.

Tuvalu Sports Association
The official website of the Tuvalu Sports Association

Tuvalu Ship Registry
Tuvalu Ship Registry's mission is to work with all its stakeholders such as the Tuvaluan government, shipowners, classification societies and the shipping community to ensure the safety of Tuvaluan ships and keeping the marine environment clean for our future generations.

Tuvalu Association of Non Government Organisations (TANGO)
TANGO is a non-profit member organisation that aims to help and support healthy and sustainable development of NGOs in Tuvalu through the provision of training, services and information and through encouraging collaboration and communication between NGOs, government and international agencies.

The Luaseuta Foundation
The Foundation is an NGO organization whose goal is to help the people of Tuvalu. Most of the participants are from the island of Niutao.

Tuvalu at SOPAC (South Pacific Applied Geoscience Commmission)
SOPAC is an inter-governmental, regional organisation dedicated to providing services to promote sustainable development in the countries it serves. SOPAC’s work is carried out through its office in Suva, Fiji.