Fogafale: Then and Now  

The left image shows an aerial photograph of Fogafale taken by the United States Military in 1941, in preparation for the occupation of Funafuti, to prevent the Japanese from moving on down from the Gilbert Islands in the north.

Clearly visible are the two main villages on Fogafale, Senala in the north, and Vaiaku in the south.

The modern photograph, taken in 2003, shows the runway, initially built by the Americans in 1942, and the spread of the villages since Tuvaluan independence in 1978. Vaiaku, Senala, and a third village, Alapi, in between, are all now one continuous sprawl.

Note the details of the submersed coral reefs on the lagoon side, they appear unchanged after 45 years. However, it appears that the beaches on this side were abundant in sand back then.

Funafuti Atoll Map
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