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FUNAFUTI, Tuvalu (September 11, 1997 - Radio Australia)---Tuvalu's Prime Minister, Bikenibau Paeniu, has accused Australia of taking a too weak approach to the reduction of greenhouse gases.

As a result, Paeniu has called on Australian Prime Minister John Howard to reconsider his opposition to mandatory cuts in emissions.

The call comes ahead of next week's South Pacific Forum meeting in the Cook Islands, where Painiu, Howard, and the Pacific Islands nations' other leaders will meet to discuss matters of regional concern.

The Tuvalu Prime Minister says he is sad Australia opposes the Pacific consensus on coping with global warming, which, he points out, poses a threat to Tuvalu's very existence.

"If this continues --the rising sea level-- there will be no Tuvalu at all," he stressed in a Radio Australia interview. "I was hoping that Australia could really re-think and re-consider the policy in the light of the disappearance of the small island nations in the Pacific, all because of the rise in sea level."


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