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FUNAFUTI, Tuvalu (April 1999 - Tuvalu Echoes)---Tuvalu no longer is an AIDS free country according to a report from Princess Margaret Hospital, where two HIV positive cases have been confirmed.

In an interview with the Tuvalu Echoes, Tuvalu AIDS Coordinator Mr. Moeava Alefaio said that the important thing Tuvalu people should know is how the disease is transmitted (primarily by unprotected sexual contact).

The people of Tuvalu should take this matter seriously, for there is no cure for AIDS, he added.

In addition to the two confirmed HIV positive case, another one is awaiting confirmation.

"We have two confirmed cases now, but there must be more in the country already carrying the virus who don't know it yet," said Mr. Alefaio. "Everyone must be careful, especially our young boys and girls who are enjoying themselves."

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