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Motufoua School Closes for Two Weeks Break


It is reported that Motufoua School will be closed down for two weeks. Most of the students will be brought to Funafuti to their families and relatives on the MV Kaunitoni and the Government's patrol boat. The recess should allow them to rest and gather some strength for the remaining school terms. The first lot should be arriving this afternnoon.

The Prime Minister and his delegation returned to the capital yesterday afternoon after visiting the School on Friday. Reports say the 18 students and their matron were buried in the central grounds of the school. The survivors from Toalipi girls dormitory arrived on Funafuti late Saturday afternoon and were met with much tears by parents and relatives. They were taken to the Princess Margaret Hospital for medical health checks and/or treatment. Two were admitted while the rest were allowed to go home with their parents and relatives.

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