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TPB Newsletter (February 27, 2001)---On March 9, 2001, Tuvalu will issue a stamp set to commemorate the tragic fire that raged through a girls school dormitory and claimed 18 lives in the year 2000.

The morning of March 10, 2000 was an event Tuvaluans will never forget... to wake up and hear such tragic news over the radio, from a friend, a passer-by... to here someone's wail of agony from a neighbouring house... to feel a deep ache, emptiness, helplessness... for those who lost their children, they wished they'd never woke up...

Featured on the set of 4 stamps are firetrucks, and in the background are scenes of Motufoua portrayed in grey. The sceneries include a school assembly in the Falekaupule (local meeting hall), the beach/coastline of Motufoua, the Lali Hut (lali is a traditional used to summon villagers), and the Motufoua gate. Featured on the souvenir sheet is the fire truck used on the capital of Funafuti, a Wormald Arrestor ARFFV. The scenery in the back is that of the Motufoua gate.

Motufoua Secondary School will be commemorating the 1st anniversary of the tragedy, an event to honour the memories of the lost young lives. Dignitaries from around the nation as well as parents of the victims will all be present to pay their respects.

The Tuvalu Philatelic Bureau will be present, as first day covers will be cancelled at the school. A percentage of the proceeds will be used to purchase safety equipment for the school.


Link: Order the stamps direct from Tuvalu

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