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[23 July 2001--Langley, B.C. Canada]

Since Tuvalu Online was inaugurated on October 1st 1998, it has been hosted on a free online service, namely Xoom but subsequently purchased by NBC in 2000, and merged with it's NBCi affiliate.

Unfortunately, media giant NBC has suddenly decided to shut down the free members web pages, which includes Tuvalu Online.

The following notice has been received by Tuvalu Online:

"NBCi is in the process of making certain changes to our portal offering that may affect the way you use the site. We are making these modifications in light of recent changes in the Internet advertising and financial markets."

"Uploads to member pages are no longer provided. Select an alternative web site hosting provider and ensure that your files are moved to the new provider before the end of the month. At the end of July, we anticipate that you will no longer be able to view member pages."

To put it bluntly, Tuvalu Online will have to move. We are in the process of looking for another free hosting service, as it is our intention to keep Tuvalu Online free for all visitors.

The move may be sudden, so keep checking the Tuvalu Message Board for more information.

Please also note that the Tuvalu Message Board is not part of NBC, it is a different site (Lycos) accessed through a frame. The TOL Message Board can be reached directly at this URL:


Cut and paste this link as a shortcut or put it into your favorites menu. This way you may continue to use the message board even when NBC closes down the website.

Brian Cannon

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