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SUVA, Fiji Islands (November 14, 2001 Radio Australia)---Greenpeace says it is ridiculous for the Australian government to consider asking the small Pacific island country of Tuvalu to accept asylum seekers for processing.

As part of its "Pacific Solution" which involves sending asylum seekers to Pacific island nations, the Federal Government has had informal talks with the government of Tuvalu.

Last year, Australia rejected a request from Tuvalu to take part in a resettlement program for its residents, who are facing threats to fresh water sources and crops caused by rising sea levels.

Angie Heffernan, a Pacific-based Greenpeace campaigner, said Australia is now being hypocritical.

"You've got Tuvalu, a small island state under, you know, threat of losing their islands because of climate change, with very limited financial resources to actually respond," she said.

"You have a very big nation like Australia turning around, saying to Tuvalu can you take our asylum seekers?"

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