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On January 10, 2002, the Tuvalu Philatelic Bureau place on sale a pair of $2 commemorative stamps under the "United We Stand" theme.

According to the TPB Newsletter of 19 November 2001, "Not only did the bombings of the Twin Towers in New York rock the big Apple, but it also rocked the entire earth. The shockwaves continue to reverberate around the world, making us all suspicious of each other... the theme of our next issue... is a tribute to the victims of the recent ordeals that certainly touched the hearts of millions worldwide."

The two stamps are very similar, both featuring the Statue of Liberty draped in the flag of the United States, with the Tuvaluan flag in the background.

The pair was initially slated to be placed on sale in December 2001, but was delayed due to the short notice of approval of the issue by the government of Tuvalu, and delays in shipping the stamps to isolated Tuvalu.

On 24 October 2001, the United States issued a single design 34c stamp under the "United We Stand" theme.

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