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The following letter was sent by Gerard Wiebenga of TAFE Global:
March 28, 2002

My name is Gerard, and I am an IT (computer teacher) from NSW Australia. 

Our company TAFE Global (http://www.tafeglobal.com.au/) is conducting IT computer
training for non government businesses in Tuvalu.

The training has been sponsored by AusAID http://www.ausaid.gov.au/ and is free to
eligible business participants. 

The types of computer training that are available to eligible businesses are as

This is a computerised accounting package that is excellent for small business. 

If you are running a business and record your income, expenses and need to track the
invoices to your customers as well as your own bills, then you may be interested
attending the training for this software.

This training course also includes a free training manual providing step by step
instructions on using the software.

Introduction to computers using Windows
This course is for eligible businesses persons that can do basic typing and can use
a mouse, but would like to lean the basics of using a range of facets  of the
You will learn
How to get around Windows 
Basic file management 
Introduction to basic word processing 
Introduction to basic excel spreadsheets.
Introduction to Microsoft Word
In this course you will learn.
To create a business letter head to suit your own business 
Create templates that will make documentation easier to manage 
Formatting your documents to make them look professional 
Insert and use graphics and pictures 
Create headers and footers 
Mail merge 
Use hyperlinks and much more.
Microsoft Excel.
In this course you will learn to create spreadsheets that will assist you in running
your business. 

For examples of what you can learn in this course:
Develop a spreadsheet that performs the calculations and records the wages paid to
your employees 
Develop a spreadsheet that records and calculates currency conversation rates 
A range of other spreadsheet applications for spreadsheets that will simplify your
business operations.
Introduction to Windows file management 
This is a foundation for all other courses. If you are not familiar with the windows
explorer, then I suggest that you should enrol in this course.

You will learn:
How to use the Windows explorer 
How to create folders, 
Move, copy, delete, undelete, rename folders and files 
Lean how to copy from floppy disks to your computer and transfer files from your
computer to floppy disks. 
Use the recycle bin 
Manage your computer files and settings.
Introduction to the Internet.
You will learn:
How the internet works. 
Copying from the internet into a word document 
Finding and researching information on the Internet using search engines 
Advanced search techniques using search engines 
Using email and attachments
What you need to do if you are interested in training
Remember that all training if free to eligible business clients only.

Please email me gwiebenga@hotmail.com and let me know what course you would be
interested in. I will not have time to do all the above courses, only the ones with
the highest demand and in the specified time that i have.

The training venue is yet to be determined but if you reply, I will keep you informed.

Places will be limited, and training will be conducted most probably in the mornings
from April 15th to April 19th.

If you are interested in computer training that is not listed above, then just let
me know what you may like to do. Perhaps you would like to learn how to use MS Word?
Just let me know.

You must be able to use a computer.

Are you interested in a free on site visit for your business.?
I am also conducting free on site visits to eligible business clients.

I can assist you in developing an IT based solution for you business, perhaps a
spreadsheet or database that will assist you in recording or resolving a problem
that you need help with.

I can also provide you with advice on the type of equipment and software that you
may require.

If you are experiencing a problem with your current IT system, computer or network,
I may be able to provide you with some guidance in having it fixed.

About myself.
I am an IT trainer from TAFE NSW. www.tafensw.edu.au
I have  been teaching IT & computerised accounting for 10 years.
I also have a background in IT network management and PC support.
I have a diploma in IT PC & Networking.
i have a degree in Electrical Engineering
I enjoy writing web pages, I love swimming, fishing, diving beach volley ball, and
I have just completed a similar project in Tonga, that was a huge success.

Thank you for your time.

I hope that I am able to meet some of you while im in Tuvalu.
I was able to obtain your email addresses from the telecom directory on the
internet. So not many people have been advised of this training program. I would
certainly appreciate it if you could inform others of this program.

I have posted a message at your ISP www.tuvalu.tv advising of the courses.

TAFE Global NSW Australia

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