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Plans For New Kiribati-Tuvalu Air Service

TARAWA, Kiribati (July 19, 2002 Radio Australia)---The Kiribati government is pursuing plans for an improved regional air service.

It hopes to have it operating within the next several months, having become frustrated with the unreliability of Air Nauru, which now provides the country's only direct link with several countries.

To pursue the plan, Kiribati has leased an ATR-42 aircraft and plans to establish services between Kiribati and Fiji, Nauru, the Marshall Islands and Tuvalu.

The government currently is negotiating landing rights with Fiji.

Fiji Home Affairs Minister Joketani Cokanasiga said a reliable link between Kiribati and Fiji would be valuable for the region and serve the needs of the growing I-Kiribati population in Fiji.

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