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Treatment of Hospital Patients Discussed in Parliament Sitting

Tuvalu.tv, 25 November, 2002

Patients in the Princess Margaret Hospital should only be treated by doctors and nurses, the Hon Health Minister told Parliament on the first day of sitting.

Honorable Dr Alesana Kleis Seluka said that the Ministry was trying to maintain patient care and minimize spreading of infections.

Though Parliament was supposed to adjourn, the Speaker allowed further discussion on the matter.

The Opposition was concerned about who would provide extra care, including accompanying patients from the outer islands, patientís laundry, and non-medical patient support.

Honorable Kausea Natano agreed with the Hon Minister, but asked the government about expenditure for recruiting assisting nurses for next year.

The Hon Health Minister told the House that the government plans to recruit twelve assistant nurses next year, who will need training.

The cost of the assistant nurses was cheaper than the costs of untrained care givers, the Hon Minister said.

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