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Tuvalu Family Health Association Contributes

Tuvalu.tv November 26, 2002

The Tuvalu Family Health Association has contributed a lot to the well being of the nation.

The association that was formed in the late 1970’s had really come out with fundamental objectives and mission goal for the 5 year strategic plan.

According to TuFHA’s main objective is to stimulate and encourage government and the private sector to have greater awareness of population problems in the country.

By way of doing this is through the promoting of quality family planning, sexual and reproductive health services to the community said Dr Stephen Homasi, President of TuFHA.

Dr. Homasi stressed the need to provide information and education for the promotion and implementation of family planning in Tuvalu.

He said that TuFHA hopes to fulfill all what has been planned for the next 5 years.

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