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Tuvalu Opposition Ready to Take Power

22/05/2003 08:37:37 | ABC Radio Australia News

Tuvalu's opposition leader, Amasone Kilei, says he is ready to take over the country's leadership if the government is unable to secure a majority in parliament.

The opposition now has the support of eight of the 15 members of parliament and Mr Kilei says this means that the government no longer has the mandate to lead the country.

The opposition leader says his members have pledged their full support and are ready to take government.

He says Prime Minister Safatu Sapoanga should concede defeat and convene parliament to elect a new speaker.

Mr Kilei says Mr Sapoanga has refused, saying parliament will be convened as soon as it is practicable.

The opposition group has called on Governor-General, Sir Tomasi Puapua, to intervene and convene parliament if Mr Sapoanga refuses to give up power.

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