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Sapoanga Reluctant to Concede Defeat in Tuvalu

Tuvalu's Prime Minister, Safatu Sapoanga says he is still hopeful of governing
the country, because of the prospect of the defection of an opposition member of

Mr Sapoanga says he is lobbying for numbers in parliament and there are
indications that one opposition MP could cross the floor and join the government.

The opposition now holds a majority of eight members to the government's seven
after recent by-elections.

The opposition leader, Amasone Kilei says he is ready to govern the country and
that Mr Sapoanga should concede defeat and convene parliament to elect a new

Mr Sapoanga says MPs should be given time to return to their constituencies to
decide on nominations for the speaker before parliament convenes.

24/05/2003 06:21:16 | ABC Radio Australia

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