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UN Positions Available to Tuvaluans

United Nations, NY
20 June, 2003


The Permanent Mission of Tuvalu to the United Nations is pleased to inform Tuvaluans living outside Tuvalu but who hold genuine Tuvalu passports, a graduate degree and who are no more than 32 years of age by January 2004, that a United Nations National Competitive Recruitment Examinations will be held in Funafuti, Tuvalu in February  2004 in the areas of Administration, Demography, Information Technology, Library, Political Affairs, Social Affairs, and Statistics. This same information has also been passed on to Capital to be circulated to Tuvaluans in-country and those in Fiji or nearby countries.

The examinations are organised in countries that are inadequately represented among the staff of the UN Secretariat, and the idea is basically that if one passes the examinations she/he will be given the choice to get a job and start a career in the United Nations. As a Member of the UN, Tuvalu is allocated up to 10 employment places in the Secretariat of the United Nations, only one of these places have been filled.

Those who are interested in the examinations will find more information on the website https://jobs.un.org/elearn/production/home.html or simply contact us directly in the Tuvalu Mission to the UN:

Phone 1-212-490-0534

Fax 1-212-808-4975

Email  tuvalu@onecommonwealth.org."

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