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Pressure Builds for Tuvalu Parliament to Reconvene

Radio Australia

June 24

Radio Australia

Tuvalu's Prime Minister, Saufatu Sopoanga is under renewed Opposition pressure to recall parliament, following the election of a new Speaker.

Opposition MP, Faimalaga Luka was elected to the post at the weekend.

Opposition leader, Amasone Kilei has accused the prime minister of stalling, saying because he lacks a parliamentary majority, Mr Sopoanga knows he will be ousted in a no confidence vote.

Mr Kilei says the Opposition has appealed to the High Court to force parliament to resume before the next planned session in November.

"The government has the minority in Parliament and does not therefore have the mandate to continue to run the affairs of the nation," he says.

"This (the High Court action) is an attempt to force the Governor-General to use his powers under the Constitution to convene a session of parliament, because we believe the government is not prepared to convene Parliament as soon as possible," he adds.


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