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Third Man Charged Over Suva Nightclub Theft

July 7, 2003

An unemployed man from the Fijian capital, Suva has appeared in court on charges of stealing money from a senior Tuvaluan government official.

Radio Fiji reports that Maciu Kabu pleaded not guilty to the theft, but the court ordered that he report to police twice a week, after releasing him on $F500 bail.

According to police reports, Mr Kabu is alleged to have stolen thousands of dollars in local and overseas currencies from Save Paeniu last week at a Suva nightclub.

Mr Paeniu is the permanent secretary for education in Tuvalu.

Earlier, two police officers were arrested after they cashed travellers cheques at a foreign exchange outlet, alleged to have been stolen from Mr Paeniu.


11/07/2003 05:11:22 | ABC Radio Australia News


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