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Tuvalu By-Election Underway

10/10/2003 | Pacific Beat Stories

October 10 is polling day where around 800 people have registered to vote in the Nukufetau by-election. A lot is riding on the result for both the government and opposition - as the winner will regain a one seat majority for the faction that member eventually decides to support.

A narrow majority of one seat has passed back and forth between each side of the House for the past six months - but is deadlocked at the moment at 7 MPs each. Faimalaga Luka, former member for Nukufetau was required under the constitution to vacate the seat following his recent appointment as Governor-General in September.

A supervisor for the election, Bill Teo, says four candidates are contesting the by-election and the result is expected shortly.

Mr Teo says it looks like it will be a close competition.


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