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Tuvalu Braces for 'King' Tides

17/02/2004 11:36:25 | ABC Radio Australia News

Weather forecasters say the small Pacific nation of Tuvalu is likely to experience unusual tides later this week.

The Tuvalu Meteorological Office says the "king" tides are expected on Thursday and Friday.

Tuvalu is home to 11,500 people living on nine atolls - all less than 4.5 metres above sea level.

Forecaster Hilia Vavae says many areas will be flooded by the sea for an hour or so. She says the tides will peak at about three metres. She says on the capital atoll of Funafuti, homes and perhaps the airport will be flooded, along with her own office.

Ms Vavae says she doesn't expect the flooding to be as bad as in 2001 when most of the island disappeared. She says the extent of flooding during king tides also depends on local weather conditions at the time. She says rain bands are forecast, but no severe storms.


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