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PM Sopoaga resigns, according to Radio Tuvalu

Aug 28, 2004

Tuvalu Online - According to reports from Tuvalu, Prime Minister Saufatu Sopoaga has resigned from office, and also as Member of Parliament for Nukufetau. This was in an announcement by the Secretary to Government over Radio Tuvalu Saturday, August 28.

Apparently, the Governor General, Faimalaga Luka, made two abortive attempts on Saturday to elect a new PM. The two meetings were boycotted by the Members of Parliament in the caretaker government because, they said, the meetings were unconstitutional.

The Tuvalu Attorney General explained on Radio Tuvalu that he had advise the Governor General that, in accordance with the constitution, the election of a new Prime Minister must wait until a bye-election in Nukufetau is held to find a replacement for Saufatu. Despite that advice the Governor General went ahead and called the two meetings.

 According to Radio Tuvalu, Governor General will try again, for the third time, at 10 o'clock next Monday, August 30.

On August 26, in a vote of no confidence, Sopoanga was defeated 8-6 in the 15-seat parliament, with one absentee.

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