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Tuvalu PM sworn in

Tuvalu Online -- 13 Oct 2004: Reports from Radio tuvalu and Tuvalu.tv

Prime Minister ToafaThe Rt. Hon. Maatia Toafa, Tuvalu's 9th Prime Minister, and his government, which is the country's 11th since independence in 1978, were sworn in on Monday, 10th October 2004.

Mr. Toafa, from Nanumea, received eight votes from the 15 members of parliament, and won over the oposition's nominee, Elisala Piita of Nukufetau, who received seven votes. One of Toafa's votes came from Sio Patiale. Patiale flew in from New Zealand, where he had been for the past few months for medical reasons. He headed back to New Zealand the same day, after the vote was held.

The new Prime Minister spoke to the citizens on Radio Tuvalu, expressing hope this will be a good change for the country, and also that political games will not, once again, occur that drastically affect the people and the country. He also expressed hope that the government would be allowed to finish its political term.

During the evening, a cocktail party that was hosted for the Prime Minister by the Secretary to Government, Mr Panapasi Nelesone. The party was attended by most members of parliament and their wifes. The popular band, Fagogo Malipolipo, entertained the evening.

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