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Tuvalu first e-government application: A Server of Maps

Tuesday, 19 October 2004

GIS (Geographic Information System) specialists from SOPAC in Fiji are here in Tuvalu for 2 weeks to install the government network and the government’s websites.

Mr Franck Martin and Tuvalu’s own Sakaio Manoa, worked closely with the government, in building a Tuvaluan map on the internet.

A 3 day GIS workshop is being conducted by Mr Martin to train representatives from the Lands & Survey office as well as other departments and organizations from the civil society, on viewing and editing data on the new “Map o te atu Tuvalu” site, as well as creating own web pages. The site is available at http://map.tuvalu.tv/.

Several datasets from the country have been uploaded on the web for the internet population to browse. Some of these data sets are just been acquired. These include, high resolution satellite imagery and seabed data of all the islands. This sea bed data should, for instance, help villagers to locate fishing grounds.

This activity was funded by European Union Development Fund 8, and they will be leaving the country this coming Sunday.

Source: Tuvalu Media Corporation


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