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Funafuti, Tuvalu, Hit by Extreme High Tides  [pictures]

by Silafaga Lalua (through Dr. Mark Hayes)
Copyright (C) Silafaga Lalua 2005 - All rights reserved
Feb 8, 2005:

Funafuti -- "Its that time of the year again when my tiny island nation gets hit once again by strong winds and high tides.

5.00pm, Tuesday, Feb 8, 2005, found a lot of Tuvaluans on the capital island of Funafuti watching the tides and wondering if this is truly the beginning of the end of our tiny nation.

Waves crashed one metre away from the main road bringing rocks, debris of all sorts right to the middle of the main road, slowing traffic and endangering the lives of local people.

The seawalls that were constructed to be barriers from the wrath of the waves and the sea stood no chance against the damages of the sea over the years, and now they are only tatters of wire among debris along the shores.

Homes located on the narrower parts of the island experience flooding every time the tides are high.

Sea water come flowing from the sea right into these people's properties, and filling the burrow pits to the rims, others even overflowed. On the road it comes up to mid-knee high for adults, a perfect spot for kids to play surf with their makeshift boards, happily trailing after cars and vans that struggle to reach dry land, but oblivious to the fact that these particular tides/floods are creating BIG problems for all of us.

Our island is sinking together with our hearts. Maybe it's its destiny, but then again, maybe it's not.

I for one do not want my island wiped out from the face of the earth, and I call for help, from those in power who can do something to change our island's situation. Your help and consideration will be treasured by every Tuvaluan around the globe."


Exclusive photos, 1-4, 7-8 Copyright (C) Silafaga Lalua 2005. Others Copyright as noted. Click on images for enlargements.

5. 6.
Vaikau Wharf, Funafuti,
November, 2004, Low Tide
(Copyright  (c) Dr Mark Hayes, 2005)

Vaikau Wharf, late afternoon, Wednesday, February 9, 2005
(Copyright (C) Lomi Paeniu 2005).
7. 8.

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