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WANTED : archipelago with lagoons, 26 km2 minimum average elevation : 10 meters.


This advertisement will be regularly published in the advertising section of some chosen newspapers, including Liberation, one of the most popular dailies in France. It will also be  outcried by a performer in one of the biggest plazas in Lyon, second most important city in France, for Earth Day. That day, the film Trouble in Paradise will also be screened in UCLA, California, April 21. A panel discussion about global warming issue, will follow with Enele Sopoaga (Tuvalu's Ambassador to the UN) and Christopher Horner, the film's co-director.

Tuvalu, one of the earth's tiniest nations, is a South Pacific archipelago of 9 atolls with a total land-mass of 26 km2. Named the only nation in the world above reproach for human rights violations in June 1998, Tuvalu is also the earth's first sovereign nation faced with becoming totally uninhabitable to due global-warming related flooding within the next 50 years. Its 11,000 citizens are thus threatened with becoming the planet's first entire nation of environmental refugees.

After a first film Trouble in Paradise which aired in 2004, one of the co directors made a second trip and could not help but notice the intensification of the climatic phenomena and the more frequent floodings: coconut trees are succumbing, islets are disappearing as is the majority of Tuvaluan agriculture.

Back in Paris, the Alofa Tuvalu NGO was set up to organize and help execute a concrete plan -- Small is Beautiful -- whose objectives are :

Assisting Tuvalu, as its own destruction approaches, to become an environmental showcase - a living, breathing, replicable model of an environmentally respectful and exemplary nation. The plan is a compelling means for Tuvalu to address its most immediate environmental problems, and, as a tool for a media campaign, for them both to give a vital message and leave an important legacy to the world.

Assisting the Tuvaluans to survive as a nation, and if possible, allow them to remain on their ancestral land. This can be achieved by a combination of:

  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and raising awareness of other sustainable development solutions and initiatives (using some of the tools of the Small is Beautiful project)
  • Study of appropriate on-site solutions for local environmental problems

Assisting in planning for a worst case scenario by identifying a new homeland where the nation of Tuvalu can be resettled, and for the establishment of an official status for environmental/climatic refugees.

The ultimate objective: to foster participation in an active, global movement to create tools for safeguarding our environment and in so doing, creating a solution for us all.


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