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RCMP can't investigate Tuvaluan sailor's death

CBC News (Updated Wed, 04 May 2005 20:21:37 EDT)

Newfoundland say they have no jurisdiction to investigate the homicide of a sailor aboard a tanker that docked last week in Placentia Bay.

The RCMP have ruled the death of Manoa Talavalu, 52, a homicide, but cannot proceed further because the incident happened in international waters.The tanker Nordscot docked in the harbour at Come By Chance in Placentia Bay on April 26.

Police believe Talavalu died in an April 24 altercation, while the tanker was outside Canada's jurisdiction.

"We've consulted with our headquarters in St. John's, and we've been told that Canada has no jurisdiction whatsoever because it was outside Canadian waters. There are no Canadians involved and the ship is not registered in Canada," says RCMP Staff Sgt. Paul MacIsaac.

The Nordscot sailed to Come By Chance from Boston.

However, because Talavalu's death happened outside American waters, the U.S. also does not have jurisdiction to investigate.

The law requires the flag state to assume responsibility for an investigation. The tanker is registered in Liberia.

Talavalu was from Tuvalu, a group of islands north of Fiji. His body has since been returned home.



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