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Gold Bullion Prize Offered For Tuvalu Economics Paper

Dec 07, 2005

Canadian entrepreneurs have posted an award of 1 Troy-ounce of gold bullion in an academic economic paper competition.

Open to Tuvaluan citizens only, the competition for a “Gold Maple Leaf” coin is to be awarded to the author(s) of submissions tentatively titled “Provisional Tuvalu Monetization Policy As An Instrument For Macroeconomic Management.”

Messrs Donald Phillips, Carl Teichrib together with Malie Lototele, Tuvalu’s Director of Economic Research and Policy Division (ERPD), are to judge submissions starting sometime in 2006.

“Our hope is to continue with this fellowship program over the next decade” Mr. Phillips stated. “Industrialized nations seem to want to globalize
matters at the exclusion of everything else so they tend to forget the basics. My belief is that prospecting for hidden jewels of insight in Oceania will award those who first capitalize with bullion. Everything else is commentary.”

Terms and conditions of the contest are yet to be finalized however a formal agreement is expected within the first quarter of 2006. Awarding of the prize is planned for no later than 01 January 2007. Bullion, both gold and silver, is being underwritten by the Canadian sponsors.

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