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Silver Bullion Pledged For Series Of Tuvalu Academic Papers

Dec 21, 2005

Canadian entrepreneurs have announced a second academic competition that is to award 1 Troy-ounce silver bullion coins. All Tuvaluan citizens are eligible to compete. A preliminary list of suggested titles reflecting modern Tuvalu economics has been already presented to government officials. Further topics involving the engineering sciences are also being considered.

Messrs Donald Phillips, Carl Teichrib together with Malie Lototele, Tuvalu’s Director of Economic Research and Policy Division (ERPD), are to judge submissions starting sometime in 2006.

“We hope as many Tuvaluan people as possible, especially high school, university and post graduate students, will participate in this fellowship program.” Mr. Phillips stated. “All citizens are invited to submit their own ideas and perspectives. Observations are essential in the navigation of commerce.”

Terms and conditions of the contests are yet to be finalized however a formal agreement is expected within the first quarter of 2006. Awarding of the prizes is planned for no later than 01 January 2007. Bullion, both gold and silver has been pledged by the Canadian sponsors.


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