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Tuvalu Red Cross sends out survey


The Tuvalu Red Cross Society has produced a survey for Tuvaluans, according to Isala T. Isala, Climate Change and Disaster Programme Officer of society.

"We have dispatched and collected over 400 questionnaires from the residents of Funafuti. The last day for the collection of this valuable document was yesterday (Dec 29)."

Mr. Isala would like Tuvaluans outside of the country to fill in the questionaire.

"While we understand that it may not be relevant to some of you people, we would be grateful if you can assist and fill the questionnaire during your spare time. More importantly our office welcomes any comments or improvements that you may suggest."

Questionairres may be downloaded at the link below, and should be emailed to the address below by January 5, 200.

Email: redcross@tuvalu.tv


The survey, in DOC or PDF formats can be downloaded here:




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