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As previously reported, the Tuvalu Red Cross Society produced a survey for the residents of Funafuti.

The following additional information has been provided by the society:

1. The purpose of the survey is for the Tuvalu Red Cross to get a base line survey on the issues raised in the questionnaire. It is envisage that the results will assist the Red Cross to better evaluate/improve/identify its services or needs of the public public.

2. Further, while the society is recognised by law, and Tuvalu is a party to the Geneva Convention, Tuvalu is still not recognised by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC). Hence, the survey is conducted to ensure that the Tuvalu Red Cross works in line with grounds needed for recognition by the IFRC, and that it is also hoped that the Society becomes a well functioning society.

3. This the first time such a survey has been conducted for the Tuvalu Red Cross.

4. Climate change is an important issue which the IFRC have identified as one of the causes of disasters [cyclones, sea level rise, droughts, etc].

5. The program is funded by the Japanese and Canadian Red Cross Societies and supported by the Netherlands Climate Centre. The Netherlands Climate Centre was established by the Netherlands Red Cross in response to the growing concern the IFRC has with regard to the impacts of climate change on the vulnerable and poor around the world. The number of weather related disasters doubled in the 1990's and predictions for the future of climate change are set to affect millions of people.

6. So far Tuvalu and Samoa are the only countries in the Pacific region that have initiated this project (pilot project). Other countries in other regions of the world (Asia & Africa region) have already undertaken this programme back in the late 1990s.

7. Other projects associated with the Tuvalu Red Cross Society include the Life skill & First Aid projects, blood donor and HIV/AIDS prevention programmes.


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