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August General Election For Tuvalu

February 6, 2006

Tuvalu will go to the polls on 03 August, according to Prime Minister Maatia Toafa.

PM Toafa told PACNEWS they are looking forward to the general election of which he is a contender for a second term in office as Prime Ministership.

If he does succeed and returns to power, Mr Toafa will be one of the very few Tuvaluan leaders that have enjoyed some sense of permanency in the job.

Most of his predecessors would be lucky to remain in the job 12 or 18 months after taking office, due mainly to confidence motions in parliament.

The likelihood of this occurring lingers especially since Mr Toafa has in his cabinet two former PM’s –Saufatu Sopoanga and Bikenibeu Paeniu.

It is no secret that both men lavish the chance to retake the number one seat.

“It is really up to the people elected into parliament,” he said.

“It is usually 14-days after the election that a Prime Minister is elected,” Mr Toafa said.


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