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February 28 King Tides, ABC Australia Radio Broadcast with Hilia Vavae and Dr Mark Hayes


Dr. Mark Hayes Hilia Vavae

On the evening of Funafuti Atoll's highest high tide on record, February 28, 2006, the presenter of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's Queensland radio evening programme, Steve Austin, interviewed the Director of the Tuvalu Meterological Office, Ms Hilia Vavae, and visiting Australian journalist, Dr Mark Hayes, live via telephone from Funafuti Atoll.

To get to the interview location, Tuvalu's Meterological Office, Hilia and Mark had to wade through shin deep water which had seeped up through the atoll earlier in the afternoon. Tuvaluislands.com uses this interview with permission from Mr Austin.

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Flooded Funafuti
Flooded Tuvalu Meteorological Centre, February 28, 2006.
Photo: Dr. Mark Hayes

Tuvalu Meteorological Centre, October 14, 2005, normal tide conditions.
Photo: Brian Cannon

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