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Election Results Bring Changes
August 3, 2006

The August 3, 2006 general election has brought some sweeping changes to the Tuvaluan Fale i Fono (Parliament). Only Seven of the previous members were re-elected, with eight new members coming in.

Prime Minister Maatia Toafa retained his seat in Nanumea, while former Prime Ministers and cabinet ministers of his government, Bikenibeu Paeniu (Nukulaelae), and Saufatu Sopoaga (Nukufetau), both lost there seats.

Nukulaelae was an interesting race. It is the only island with a single member, and the incumbent, Bikenibeu Paeniu, lost out to Namoliki Sualiki. However, Paeniu was also running against his brother, Iefata Paeniu, and nephew Luke Paeniu. Sualiki won with 109 votes, against 65 for Bikenibeu, 64 for Iefata and 21 for Luke.

There is some question wether Toafa can hold on as Prime Minister, as all six of his cabinet ministers lost their seats.

The following have been elected, by island. Incumbents are marked with (i).

Kamuta Latasi (i), Kausea Natano (i)

Falesa Pitoi, Otinielu Tausi (i)

Willy Telavi, Maatia Toafa (i)

Sir Toomu Sione, Tavau Teii (i)

Italeli Taeia, Seluka Seluka

Namoliki Sualiki

Lotoala Metia, Elisala Piita (i)

Apisai Ielemia (i), Taukelina Finikaso

Source: Live internet feed of Radio Tuvalu on Yahoo and Skype, and various Tuvalu sources monitoring the broadcast around the world.

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