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Apisai Ielemia New Prime Minister
August 14, 2006

Apisai Ielemia of Vaitupu has been selected the as the new Prime Minister of Tuvalu, according to news sources on the capital, Funafuti. The general election was held on August 3rd, and today the elected members formed the government.

Preliminary reports indicate the rest of Ielemia's government is as follows:

House Speaker: Kamuta Latasi (Funafuti)

Home Affairs: Willy Telavi (Nanumea)

Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Industries: Lotoala Metia (Nukufetau)

Communications/Works: Taukelina Finikaso (Vaitupu)

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Natural Resources: Tavau Teii (Niutao)

Minister of Education and Sports, and Health: Iakoba Italeli (Nui)

Chairman of the Caucus: Sir. Tomu Malaefono Sione (Niutao)


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