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Greenpeace recruits islanders to save whales


Suva, Fiji Islands, Wednesday, January 17, 2007. Greenpeace is inviting Pacific Islanders to harness the power of cyberspace, through a new global “recruitment drive” to find 30,000 new campaigners to defend whales.
The “recruitment drive” will find online, volunteer campaigners to use the power of internet activism to help stop whaling.

Greenpeace Australia Pacific Oceans Team Leader Nilesh Goundar said for decades Greenpeace has sailed to the Southern Ocean where activists have put themselves between the harpoon and the whales.
“This year it will go one step further whale lovers from all over the world will, for the first time with the click of a mouse, be able to contribute to the usually secret tactics and help develop the campaign,” he said.
At the same time Mr Goundar said Pacific Islanders can become part of the biggest ever Greenpeace crew to sail ‘virtually’ to the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.
“The best ideas posted to a new dedicated website will be used by Greenpeace activists when they confront the whaling fleet in the Sanctuary http://whales.greenpeace.org,” he said.

JOB DESCRIPTION: Become a Greenpeace campaigner by signing on to http://whales.greenpeace.org in order to create a truly global campaign to defend the whales.
BACKGROUND: Greenpeace actions against whaling fleets brought about a moratorium on commercial whaling over twenty years ago. However, in recent years, against the wishes of more than 70% of Japanese people and in the face of international condemnation, the Fisheries Agency of Japan has spent millions of dollars of Japanese taxpayer’s money pursuing a campaign to reintroduce commercial whaling and the hunting of endangered species.
LOCATION: Anywhere in the world where you can log on to: http://whales.greenpeace.org and take action.
QUALIFICATIONS: Possess great ideas, is willing to campaign relentlessly to defend the whales and ensure the Southern Ocean becomes a true sanctuary for all whales. Has a positive and constructive approach.
REWARDS: Become part of the biggest crew to sail to the Southern Ocean, just by surfing the Internet. Have your idea used by the Greenpeace crew to defend the whales in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary

For interviews call:
Nilesh Goundar, Greenpeace Australia Pacific Oceans Campaigner +679 9922078
Josephine Prasad, Greenpeace Australia Pacific Communications +679 3312861
For images and video footage please contact Michelle Thomas – Greenpeace Australia Pacific +61 404 096 556


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