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Expect no more power breakdowns, thanks to Japan

22 Feb 2007

SUVA, FIJI ---- (Pacnews) Frequent power breakdowns will become a thing of the past on Funafuti, the main island of Tuvalu, thanks to Japanese aid.

This week, Japanese Ambassador to Tuvalu, Masashi Namekawa commissioned a new electric power supply system, which was upgraded at a cost of US$7.5 million.

Upgrading works include the complete overhaul of power supply facilities including generation and distribution network.

A press statement from the Japanese Embassy in Suva said upgrade to the island’s power supply system was carried out to ensure stable and reliable power source and prevent frequent power failures.

This, the statement said, was an impediment to economic growth and development in the tiny island with a population of just over 11,000.

Japan’s assistance indicates its reaffirmed commitment to contribute to the improvement of the living standards and welfare of people in Tuvalu.


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