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10,000 faces of Tuvaluans needed for Tuvalu Overview project

From Tuvalu-News.tv

Ne tusi ne Silafaga Lalua

The Non Government Organisation Tuvalu-Overview calls for every Tuvaluan’s help in accomplishing its biggest project ever.

The project involves the shooting of every Tuvaluan’s face on all the islands and also gets each person’s profile, as well as an interview which will enable the bigger and powerful countries to understand what Tuvaluans go through with global warming, sea level rise and climate change effects.

Shuuichi Endou, Tuvalu Overview’s President informed Tuvalu news that the faces of all Tuvaluans will help a great deal in getting Tuvalu’s voice heard.

Endou further explained that in July and August next year the eight biggest countries of the world also known as the Great Eight will meet in Tokyo, Japan and Tuvalu Overview aims to open an exhibition in Tokyo where the great 8 can see and understand the pleads of each Tuvaluan, in response to the environment effects.

Endou said that the project is a very expensive one as it will need to reach every Tuvaluan, children and adults alike.

He therefore requests for the assistance of the government of Tuvalu where needed as well as the assistance of the people of Tuvalu.

Each person will need to be photographed and asked a few questions about Tuvalu’s environmental impacts, as well as what each person wishes and dreams for their future.

Upon completion of the project a photo book containing all faces will be published and presented to each island.

Mr. Endou would like to take Tuvaluans back to the time when they used to work together cooperatively to build the nation, without the help of money and material things. This, Endou said is what he hopes will happen with this project, hoping that the 10,000 population of Tuvalu will help implement it together.

The project is due to start in April this year and hopes to finish in time for the Great Eight exhibition and another exhibition to be established here by the 30th Independence Anniversary on October 1st, 2008.

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