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1st phase of 10,000 Faces project has completed in Nukulaelae.

June 29, 2007

On May 28th 2007, The Non Government Organization Tuvalu-Overview completed the fist phase of its 10,000 Faces project on the Tuvaluan island of Nukulaelae. The NGO team interviewed and photographed about 340 people over a period of 20 days. Nukulaelae has a population of 393, according to the 2002 census.

The group reports that they were met with warm support from the people of Nukulaelae, including the former island Chief, Malaki Mauga, who passed away shortly after, on May 30th.

The 340 faces and voices of Nukulaelae was introduced at an exhibition in Tokyo, Japan from June 15th to June 24th, and are expected to be on display by the Government of Tuvalu's at the UN conference on climate change in Bali this December.

The Tuvalu-Overview team hopes to start the 2nd phase of the project on a different island later this year.

Shuuichi Endou, the president of Tuvalu-Overview, hopes that many people as possible will see faces and voices of Nukulaelae and start to think about the issue that the people of Tuvalu are facing due to global warming.

The 10,000 Faces project involves photographing the face and interviewing each Tuvaluan on all islands in hope that other countries will understand what Tuvaluans go through with global warming and sea level rise.

Source: http://www.tuvalu-overview.tv/10000/200706.html
PDF file "Message from Tuvalu": http://www.tuvalu-overview.tv/10000/Build_the_Future.pdf

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