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Six year old girl raped on the island of Niutao

September 27, 2007

By Yvette D'Unienville

The case of a six year old girl-child who was allegedly raped on the island of Niutao is now in the hands of Police.

Police Commissioner Motulu Pedro said, the incident happened a week ago around the time when the island celebrated it's annual day, Te Aso ote Setema.

The victim has been trasferred to the Funafuti Hospital by the Health Department.

Dr Stephen Homasi explained the hospital needed to do a thorough check on the victim's condition and injuries in order to provide a full report in case a legal case will to be filed for a court hearing.

He added that beside providing a medical report, the health department also has to check the victim for sexual transmitted infections, such as HIV AIDS.

The suspect, according to the Police Commisioner, is in the custody of Police on Funafuti.

Source: Tuvalu-News.tv

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