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2008 NZ Immigration Ballot for Tuvalu Results Are Out

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July 25, 2008

The results are now available for those registration numbers successfully drawn in this year’s Pacific Access Category (PAC) ballot for the opportunity for entry into New Zealand.

Successful numbers for Tuvalu are as follows:

8125183, 8125415, 8129434, 8142998, 8147398, 8154710, 8164557, 8167708, 8175234, 8175717, 8175857, 8177161, 8178281, 8178411, 8178743, 8179511, 8179646, 8180230, 8180450, 8182891, 8183040, 8183194, 8183455, 8183647, 8184750, 8185967, 8186450, 8186634, 8187730, 8187834, 8187903

People have until Friday 9 January 2009 (NZ time), up to six months, to complete and lodge their applications with the New Zealand Immigration office.

Successful applicants will be sent information packs by the end of July 2008, along with a letters inviting them to apply for New Zealand residence.  If people do not have a postal address or telephone number on their application they must pick up their packs from their local NZ Immigration Office orthe Tuvalu High Commission in Suva.

The Pacific Access Category for Tonga, Tuvalu and Kiribati and the Samoan Quota are New Zealand Government Immigration policies that give Pacific people who have a genuine job offer and who meet health and character requirements the opportunity to obtain permanent residence in New Zealand.

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Source: Immigration New Zealand

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