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April 6, 2009

by Brian Cannon

The German cargo ship Hansa Stavanger was seized by Somalian pirates on April 5, off the Horn of Africa in east Africa.

The crew of 24 includes 12 Tuvaluans.

There were several other hijackings and attempted hijackings over the same weekend, including the failed attempt on a United States registered ship. The pirates were able to capture the captain of that ship, however.

American warships are currently approaching the area.

It is believed the Tuvaluans and the rest of the crew on the Hansa Stavanger are unharmed.

According to postings on the Tuvaluan Message Board on Yahoo, the names of the Tuvaluan seamen are as follows: Telava Tofiga, Pii Tiale, Wayne Suliane, Kaitu Leka, Logo Samasoni, Jack Taleka, Malologa Pulusi, Fiu Tui, Pule Hauma, Teraoi Richard, Olataga Safoka, and Mailagi Mapusaga.


Source: Google News

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