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Woman is Rowing to Tuvalu to Raise Awareness to Global Warming

August 24,2009

By Brian Cannon

Roz Savage, Rowing to TuvaluRoz Savage (left) is a British ocean rower, eco-adventurer and United Nations "climate hero". Miss Savage is rowing solo across the entire Pacific Ocean, from San Francisco to Tuvalu to Australia, in hopes of raising awareness about environmental issues, including climate change.

In the middle of September, Miss Savage will arrive on Tuvalu, where she is hoping to meet with local officials and community leaders, so that she can help ensure the people of Tuvalu's voices are heard on the international stage with regard to global warming.

The leg to Tuvalu will also be a temporary stop. She hopes to store the boat somewhere on Funafuti, and head back to the mainland US to do a book tour this fall and winter, and also sit out the cyclone season. In the spring, she will return to Tuvalu so she can resume rowing the final leg to Australia.

Some members of her team are expected to arrive on Funafuti September 10th to prepare for her arrival shortly after then.

Website: http://rozsavage.com

Track her voyage live: http://rozsavage.com/adventure/roztracker/

United Nations Climate Heroine: http://www.unep.org/wed/2009/english/content/climateheroes.asp

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