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Taiwan President visits Tuvalu

March 23, 2010

President Ma Ying-jeou of Taiwan arrived last Tuesday morning in Tuvalu, one of six allies that he is visiting on his South Pacific trip. Ma stopped in Tuvalu for four hours before departing for Nauru in the afternoon.

Just as he vowed to Kiribati, Ma pledged that Taiwan will help  Tuvalu with its problem of rising sea levels.

Ma said, "We will study with their people on how to improve the living conditions in Tuvalu, so that things don't get worse. We have seen how Japan and Australia are researching the issue. We are going to see if we can participate in their studies. Sometimes it takes urban planning to help those countries improve their environment. There are all kinds of ways, such as floating houses or building houses on stilts. Many countries are doing studies. We're very willing to join in on such research."

President Ma met with Tuvalu's Prime Minister H.E. Apisai Ielemia for talks before leaving for Nauru.

Last year, Tuvalu and Taiwan celebrated 30 years of diplomatic relations. To mark the event, Tuvalu and Taiwan jointly designed a commemorative stamp. The stamp was officially issued by the Tuvalu Philatelic Bureau and General post office on September 19, 2009.

On the left and right top corners of the stamp are respectively the national flags of the Republic of China (Taiwan) and Tuvalu, while Tuvalu’s white sand beach and Taiwan’s landmark building Taipei 101 occupy both sides of the stamp.

In the center is the image of Tuvalu’s Prime Minister, Hon. Apisai Ielemia, and the President of ROC (Taiwan), Dr. Ma Ying-jeou, shaking hands. The photo was taken during the Prime Minister’s official visit to Taiwan this February and warmly highlighted the stamp.

Ambassador H.E. James Tien and Madame Tien gave out the commemorative stamps to all the invited guests in the dinner, celebrating the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relationship between the two countries on Tuesday 15 September. The bright colors and refined design of the stamp caught the eyes of the guests and were very well-received.

Tuvalu taiwan 30th Stamp
Source: Radio Taiwan International

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