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Water collection seen as best policy against drought in Tuvalu and Pacific

October 7, 2011

Scource: From Radio New Zealand International

A water management advisor working in the Pacific region says countries vulnerable to drought must do better in collecting water in the rainy periods.

An intense dry period has forced Tuvalu to declare a state of emergency while countries in the eastern and north eastern regions of the south west Pacific are experiencing arid conditions as well.

Dave Hebblethwaite, who works for the Secretariat of the Pacific Community, says the best thing countries can do is prepare themselves for when it does rain.

“It will likely rain between now and the next dry spell. And when it does if villagers can ensure their rooves are guttered properly. That they actually collect as much rainfall as they can and from as many rooves as they can. So they can have their tanks as fall as they can going into the next dry.”
-Dave Hebblethwaite.

He visited drought stricken Tuvalu last week and says some families on outer islands are being restricted to less than 40 litres of water a day.



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