Fish Definitives II : 1992  to 1997

Tuvalu fish stampFish were once again the subject for the fifth definitive stamp series. Increasing stamp production costs, and lack of need for very low values due to high postal rates set the lowest value at 15c. However, the highest value was decreased to $3.

The set was originally scheduled for release on July 1,1992, but a spelling error on the 45c value was discovered after the stamps arrived in Tuvalu. Part of the scientific name was misspelled coxozonus instead of loxozonus. The set went on sale on July 15 after the corrected reprints arrived. It is unclear why the original error stamps were never destroyed. Some were used for the 1996 Taipei stamp show overprints. It is still unclear on who printed the overprints. However, non-overprinted stamps with the spelling error have been seen mint and used, but are scarce.


Original Set
Technical Details
  Date of Issue: 1992-07-15  
  Designer: Derek Miller  
  Printer: House of Questa  
  Perforation: 14  x 14  
  Process: Four colour Lithography  
  Paper: Unwatermarked, White Gum  
  Format: Sheets of 40
(2 x 20 with gutter between)
  Size: 28.45mm x 42.48mm  
BRC# Value Description Scott S.G.
1992.D01.01 15c Bluespot Butterflyfish 598 633
1992.D01.02 20c Pink Parrotfish 599 634
1992.D01.03 25c Strip Surgeonfish 600 634
1992.D01.04 30c Moon Wrasse 601 636
1992.D01.05 35c Harlequin Filefish 602 637
1992.D01.06 40c Bird Wrasse 603 638
1992.D01.07 45c Black finned Pigfish (loxozonus) 604 639
  a) "coxozonus" spelling error [image] - -
1992.D01.08 50c Blue-green Chromis 605 640
1992.D01.09 60c Hump.headed Maori Wrasse 606 641
1992.D01.08 70c Ornate Coralfish 607 642
1992.D01.10 90c Saddled Butterflyfish 608 643
1992.D01.11 $1 Vagabond Butterflyfish 609 644
1992.D01.12 $2 Longfin Bannerfish 610 645
1992.D01.13 $3 Moorish Idol 611 646
  • Specimen stamps produced for all values (1,000 sets).
  • The Specimen overprint on the horizontal stamps is 31mm wide on all values except the 45c reprint with the correct "loxozonus" spelling, where it is 20mm wide. [image]
    All vertical stamps have the 20mm wide overprint. [image]
  • It is likely the original Specimen printing of the 45c stamp with the "coxozonus" spelling error had the 31mm overprint, but none have turned up yet.


Technical Details
st-fish5b.gif (24046 bytes)

As originals except:
Date of Issue: 1992-09-01
Overprinted: Kuala Lumpur 92 logo
Overprint colour: Black
Overprint Method: Lithography
BRC# Value Description Scott S.G.
1992.D02.01 30c Moon Wrasse 629 656
1992.D02.02 40c Bird Wrasse 630 657
1992.D02.03 50c Blue-green Chromis 631 658
1992.D02.04 60c Hump-headed Maori Wrasse 632 659


  Technical Details  
st-fish5c.gif (22553 bytes)
  As originals except:  
  Date of Issue: 1996-10-21  
  Overprinted: Tapei 96, date and logo  
  Overprint colours: Black, Blue and red  
  Overprint Method: Lithography  

BRC# Value Description Scott S.G.
1992.D03.01 $1 (On 45c) Black-finned Pigfish
(coxozonus spelling error)
716 760


Both overprinted sets commemorate international stamp shows which Tuvalu was a participant in. They are technically commemorative stamps.
st-fish5a.gif (13321 bytes)
45c Spelling Varieties



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