Fish Definitive Stamps: 1997 - 2001
Tuvalu Coral Stamps
Tuvalu Coral Stamps
Tuvalu Coral Stamps
Tuvalu Coral Stamps
  Technical Details  
  Date of Issue: 1997-03-15  
  Designer: Gordon Drummond  
  Printer: House of Questa  
  Perforation: 14  x 14  
  Process: Four colour Lithography  
  Paper: Unwatermarked, White Gum  
  Format: Sheets of 20Sheets of 40
(2 x 20 with gutter between)
  Stamp Size: 28.45mm x 42.48mm  
BRC# Value Description Scott S.G.
1997-D1-01 10c Bluetail Mullet 995 1208
1997-D1-02 25c Queen Fish Leatherskin 996 1209
1997-D1-03 30c Paddletail 997 1210
1997-D1-04 40c Long-Nose Emperor 998 1211
1997-D1-05 50c Long-Snouted Unicornfish 999 1212
1997-D1-06 60c Brigham's Snapper 1000 1213
1997-D1-07 65c Red Bass 1001 1214
1997-D1-08 80c Red Jobfish 1002 1215
1997-D1-09 90c Leopard Flounder 1003 1216
1997-D1-10 $1 Red Snapper 1004 1217
1997-D1-11 $2 Longtail Snapper 1005 1218
1997-D1-12 $5 Black Trevally 1006 1219
  • Specimen stamps produced for all values, overprinted in black

Tuvalu fish stamp 50c
Closeup: Long-Snouted Unicornfish (50c stamp)



These stamps may be ordered on the Stamps of Tuvalu website.

They are also available on Ebay. Use this link and type in "Tuvalu fish " in the search box.

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