Coral Definitive Stamps: 2006 (current use)
Tuvalu Coral Stamps
Tuvalu Coral Stamps
Tuvalu Coral Stamps
Tuvalu Coral Stamps
  Technical Details  
  Date of Issue: 2006-10-12  
  Designer: IGPC Art Department  
  Printer: Beijing Security Printers, China  
  Perforation: 13  x 13  
  Process: Offset Lithography  
  Paper: Unwatermarked, White Gum  
  Format: Sheets of 20
  Stamp Size: 51mm x 38mm  
BRC# Value Description Scott S.G.
2006.D1.01 10c Montipora aequituberculata 995 1208
2006.D1.02 25c Montipora capricornus 996 1209
2006.D1.03 30c Montipora venucosa 997 1210
2006.D1.04 40c Acropora caroliniana 998 1211
2006.D1.05 50c Acropora aculeus 999 1212
2006.D1.06 60c Acropora anthocercis 1000 1213
2006.D1.07 65c Acropora granulosa 1001 1214
2006.D1.08 80c Acropora rosaria 1002 1215
2006.D1.09 90c Acropora cerealis 1003 1216
2006.D1.10 $1 Acropora yongei 1004 1217
2006.D1.11 $2 Acropora echinata 1005 1218
2006.D1.12 $5 Astreopora myriophthalma 1006 1219
  • Specimen stamps produced for all values, overprinted in red. [image]
  • These stamps were printed in sheets of 20 without any marginal markings, except 0608 in the lower right corner, which appears to represent the 8th stamp set of 2006. View stamp image

60c coral stamp, nicely cancelled
Tuvalu 60c coral reef stamp



These stamps may be ordered on the Stamps of Tuvalu website.

They are also available on Ebay. Use this link and type in "Tuvalu coral" in the search box.

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